What Percentage of Ad Spend is Digital? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you interested in learning more about digital advertising? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about digital ad spend. Digital advertising is on the rise, and it's no surprise. According to market analysts, this sector will spend 20.2 percent more on digital ads this year than last year. This is significantly higher than the average across industries, which is 15.6 percent.

Zenith also predicts that global social media advertising will exceed television advertising spending next year. Standard Media Index (SMI) recently released a report showing first-half of the year ad spend data for domestic advertisers in major U. S. media outlets.

GroupM, which houses the media buying agencies and data operations of advertising giant WPP PLC, reported that digital video advertising investments in the market are providing insight into market trends and offering guidance to buyers and sellers on how they can position and differentiate their video initiatives based on where challenges and opportunities lie. This will represent approximately 70% of growth and 60% of market share, however, growth in advertising spending will prevail in the 64 global markets analyzed. As CTV platforms improve fraud detection and increase the quality of their programmatic inventory, the programmatic share of CTV advertising spend will increase dramatically. SMI Pool's coverage of the U. Department of Commerce is based on total media turnover at the census and deterministic levels for all expenditures of the largest advertising agencies, including the six major U.

holding groups. Zenith notes that advertising spending for all regions of the world will be well above pre-pandemic levels, with expectations of healthy growth in the coming years. The increase is happening as small businesses and digital businesses, such as app developers, spend more on digital advertising. SMI Insights estimates of market size and growth rate of investment in digital video ads are based on the SMI ad billing dataset, including “term bookings”, the Advertiser Perceptions quantitative survey commissioned by IAB, interviews with industry leaders, other market estimates and expert judgment. It's clear that digital ad spend is on the rise and it's important to stay informed about this growing industry. With this comprehensive guide, you'll have all the information you need to know about digital ad spend.

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