Is Advertising Agency Good For Your Business?

Hiring an advertising agency may seem expensive, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Agencies receive discounts from publishers and radio and television stations, so they can get cheaper rates than someone who negotiates directly. Agencies can also easily redesign ads to make them more effective while taking up less space, saving your company more money. By having more effective ads, the expense can also be paid for itself. If you're creative and like to write or design, working in the creative department of an advertising agency is a dream job for many.

But you may prefer to work in a small advertising agency, an in-house agency, or even on your own as a freelancer. It's important to consider how well you handle stress and tight deadlines, as well as receiving calls in the middle of the night from creative directors or angry customers. This is especially true for those in large agencies serving large clients. Ogilvy is our choice as the best advertising agency overall based on its capabilities and experience. With roots dating back to 1850 in London, England, Ogilvy has progressed through many forms and structures.

It currently has more than 130 offices operating in 83 countries and is part of the WPP Group. In many ways, it is the largest advertising agency in the world and offers access to any additional resource. With Ogilvy's strong creative brand reputation, big brands won't go wrong with this choice. However, Ogilvy focuses on relatively few very large corporate and brand relationships that make it difficult or impossible for small brands to access. Prospective new customers should contact directly for any initial inquiries, pricing and background investigation.

Over time, there have been some advertising controversies, for which the company has received negative press. The O Group is our best print advertising agency. This boutique agency is a master at brand building and devotes approximately 70% of its advertising effort to print advertising. Founded and led by a team of two partners, The O Group has made the specific decision to limit the burden of its projects so that they can personally participate in almost every project. They bring deep experience and sensitivity to the luxury market and offer an impressive track record in creating great brands. Digital Silk is our best digital advertising agency.

We like Digital Silk because of its extensive experience and focus on web development and design on the main e-commerce applications of Salesforce, Shopify and Magento, but it will also develop custom applications. And after the start-up thresholds, they not only leave the customer with their website, but they offer ongoing SEO support and application maintenance. Although only operating for a short time, Digital Silk has moved quickly to counter common startup constraints, complementing its headquarters in Miami with offices in New York, Chicago and now Milan. They have quickly assembled an impressive team of industry veterans with extensive experience in e-commerce, marketing and advertising. They have already managed to attract a list of recognizable clients that would be the envy of any advertising agency. With a focus on digital advertising, brands with a wider commercial reach will need to work with more than Digital Silk to integrate brand image and messaging across media.

With a geographical reach limited to North America, working exclusively with StudioBfilms may be a limitation for certain potential global clients. In addition, your service ends with the completion of video production, so customers will most likely need other resources for media placement and any subsequent return on investment (ROI) measurement and evaluation. While studiobfilms is clearly a major niche player with incredible creativity and ability to tell stories in a video environment, working with them will require coordination with other agencies and providers. We've identified seven of the best advertising agencies that can help your business do just that. Based on company size, Ogilvy is our recommendation for the best overall and is most appropriate for big brands, while The Bureau of Small Projects is our best choice for small brands, startups, and nonprofits. Small advertising agencies may specialize in a particular area of expertise such as online advertising so it's important that you know what type of advertising you're interested in before choosing an agency. As a young professional you will have to sell your value and sell the value of your company - an agency will give you the opportunity to practice that while you are still developing in your career.

This is especially important if you don't have staff dedicated to advertising work. In my conversations with others I've heard that one of the most common fears marketers have when they leave the agency world is that they will lose their skills or rather that the skills they have will become obsolete - although it's the responsibility of a brand's marketing department advertising is such an advanced specialty that even the largest brands don't always develop as an in-house capacity. Forbes Agency Council is an invite-only community for executives from successful PR, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies - Cristina emphasizes that it has been a great learning experience and has helped her learn the ins and outs of the advertising industry very quickly. Small brands, startups, and nonprofits need the benefits of advertising as much (or more) than big brands yet they often lack the resources people money or know-how - this is where an advertising agency can help them succeed.

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